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REVIEW? OVERVIEW? ADVICE? Difference in performance and outcomes

0, 10 de setembro de 2019

REVIEW? OVERVIEW? ADVICE? Difference in performance and outcomes

It’s enough to type three terms “analysis of movie” and also the online will give you hundreds of links. But are these extensive research analyzes and so are they analysis at all?

Determining the idea of analysis and overview

After reading these “analyzes”, you will get the impression of dissatisfaction and misunderstanding, simple tips to apply this “analysis” to your particular situation. What type of knowledge of the movie (guide) am I able to are derived from the conversation? Can I base my actions from the information with this analysis?

Why don’t we make an effort to realize both the kind together with substance. By meaning: “Analysis is an approach of clinical research (cognition) of phenomena and operations, that will be in line with the research of this constituent elements of the system learned. The data acquired through the movie analysis helps you to make an educated choice about the film.”

Contrary to the analysis, “Overview is a concise message that is united by way of a theme that is common. It’s a systematic assortment of facts.” The overview includes different facts, drawing through the research information a holistic photo, allowing to know the problem that exists. Clique aqui para continuar lendo